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Impact Assessment for Coal Fired Boilers with Co-firing of Substitute Fuels; Phase 2: Development of Methodologies.

This web site contains information on the PowerFlam1 research project and results. Access is restricted to individuals nominated by Sponsors and Services Providers.

Please click on the links in the left hand column to access further information on the:

  • Programme: A summary of the PowerFlam1 research project and downloadable PDF files of the complete research programme;
  • Deliverables: A complete list of project deliverables, with delivery dates, and downloadable PDF files of completed reports;
  • Meetings: Schedule of project review meetings with links to downloadable PDF files of agenda and minutes of completed meetings;
  • Contacts: Names and contact details of individuals within the PowerFlam1 Sponsors and EuroFlam Service Providers who are authorised to use this site and discuss the project;
  • The PowerFlam1 literature review, which has been prepared as a series of Combustion Files with associated Excel worksheets containing the data available from the research reports reviewed. These are presented as CF151 to CF170 in the IFRF Online Handbook. The Combustion Files mentioned can be found in the Power Generation Filing Cabinet, within the PowerFlam1 drawer. These files can only be opened by those authorised to read PowerFlam1 data.
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