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Welcome to the PowerFlam web-site, one of the group of combustion websites published by IFRF NET.

One of the important objectives of the IFRF is to build up Combustion Science and Technology Networks through which Energy-End-Users and the Service Provision Industries are brought together to their mutual benefit.

This "PowerFlam" website is the first of these
IFRF NET Industrial Sector Portals

The IFRF has a number of Energy End User Sectors, the largest of which is the Power Generation Sector. IFRF NET has set this site up to co-ordinate and publish its activities for that sector.

In particular it aims to draw attention to developments in the IFRF Online Combustion Handbook and in the IFRF Members Research Projects, specifically relating to the Power Generation Industrial Sector, collectively known as The "PowerFlam" Sector.

The "PowerFlam" Sector comprises contacts in the Power Generation sector itself and in those industries that provide services to the Power Generation Sector.

More particularly it provides value added information for IFRF Member Organisations within this sector which can only be accessed by IFRF Individual Members, registered by an IFRF Member Organisation.

These combustion scientists and engineers, using their individual User Names and Passwords, have access rights to all technical information the creation and publication of which is funded generally by the full IFRF Member Organisations Group.

Where a number of Member Organisations within the PowerFlam Sector identify a common problem, which can be solved through a joint effort, then the IFRF can assist this group by identifying an appropriate group of service provision Member Organisations and arranging and managing a research programme designed to provide specific research information to the sponsors.

The first such programme, in the final stages of completion is PowerFlam1, which can be accessed within this site.

The introduction page of the PowerFlam1 project is open to all PowerFlam Users. However the details and results of this project are restricted to a clearly defined list of Individual Members associated the group of Sponsors and the consortium of Service Providers, whose User Names and Passwords are authenticated for entry into the restricted zones describing the details of this project. By agreement with the PowerFlam Users Group, the research reports issued via PowerFlam1 are available to the PowerFlam2 Uses Group - see below.

The second programme in this series - PowerFlam2 - commenced at the beginning of 2003. The basic website is fully operational and information developed in the programme be approached from the Home Page.  Readers should note that a certain amount of information is available to all readers.  However detailed information is still restricted to the PowerFlkam2 User Group.

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