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On this website the IFRF endeavours to publish its past and ongoing research information in a manner which is most convenient and accessible to the practicing combustion scientists and engineers who have access to this site. Research information is published in the classic form of Planning Documents, Interim Research Reports, Final Research Reports, Research Bulletins and so forth. These may be read as html files online or downloaded as pdf files for archiving purposes. In all cases reports are broken down into smaller components (e.g. Chapters or Sections) to ease downloading. For the purposes of this liability limitation disclaimer, all such documents are described generically as �Research Files� and the disclaimer refers to all information contained within such a file including textual statements, diagrams and photographs, data tables and graphs and charts.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, which is presented within the Research Files, which go to make up this knowledge resource.

Every effort is made to prepare each Research File to the highest academic and professional standards. Each Research File is refereed rigorously prior to publication.

Nevertheless we recognise that errors may appears. If the reader believes that he/she has found an error, we would be most obliged to receive notification. If we agree that the criticism is justified, we will rectify the error as soon as possible. But that is the limit of our liability.

In the interpretation of the Research Files and the application of the information contained in these Research Files for whatever scientific or technical purpose, the User is reminded that combustion is an extremely complex combination of phenomena, often studied at a reduced scale, the accurate prediction of which depends heavily on the experience of the combustion engineer.

Therefore, the International Flame Research Foundation, its Officers, its Member Organisations, its Individual Members and its staff, accept no legal liability or responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of unqualified use or misuse of the information presented in the IFRF Combustion Research website or any results derived from the Research Files which comprise this publication.

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